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The Coon Rapids Enterprise has a rich history since its founding in 1881.

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The Coon Rapids Enterprise has a rich history since its founding in 1881. Ed Stowell was the first editor and he published his first copy in October 1881 from the back room of his father's hardware store thought to be located on the northeast corner of Sixth and Main.

Stowell didn't last long. He sold out to a pair of Henry brothers: S.D. Henry and his brother, Lyman. This partnership lasted a few years before S.D. bought out his brother and Lyman headed for greener journalistic pastures.

S.D. Henry put down deep roots in the Coon Rapids community, as publisher, postmaster and owner of the first electric plant. He published the Enterprise from 1882 until his death in 1929. In between, he outlasted two competitors -- the Coon Rapids Reporter and the Coon Rapids Citizen.

Henry's estate sold the newspaper to J. Thomas Rogers in 1930. The Rogers family, including his children, helped to run the Enterprise for the next three decades.

Following the death of JT Thomas as well as his son, Jack, ownership of the Enterprise changed hands in 1961. New owners were Drexel and Mary Nixon. Again publishing was a family affair as the four Nixon children were involved in various aspects and duties at the paper during the sixties and seventies. When Drexel Nixon died in 1981, his youngest son, Charles, stepped forward and took over publishing duties. He's been here ever since.

Now 60, Charles Nixon has 36 at the Enterprise and only needs 13 more to surpass SD Henry as the longest publisher in Enterprise history!

All past issues of the Enterprise are bound by volume and are on site at the Enterprise. That's MORE THAN 130 BOOKS! The Enterprise pages are also available by microfilm at the Coon Rapids Library. They are available in digital format on the Coon Rapids Library website.

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